Sons of the West

Sons of the West plays rock and roll music. They are from Columbus Ohio and now live in Chicago, IL.


Hey! It’s been a while. We’re playing a show in Columbus with the New Black and the new york band the Madison Square Gardeners pretty soon (info: We’ve put together an EP called Blue Spotted Heart that will be available for purchase at the show. All of the cd cases are hand made with original artwork by us. So come to the show, buy our EP and enjoy some tunes. Meanwhile, listen to the Isley Brothers.

Gregg’s favorite song so far off MGMT’s new album Congratulations

"The hot dog’s getting cold and you’ll never be as good as the Rolling Stones"



The Black Keys

—Tighten Up

Extremely excited for this record! Great rock and roll from Ohio:


I’ve been playing this song all day today. I cannot wait till the Black Keys new album comes out May 18th! 

The disappointment of things


Research shows that buying objects is ultimately more disappointing than buying experiences:

Psychological research tells us that this disappointment is particularly pronounced when people buy things like mp3 players or watches, compared with experiences like vacations or concert tickets (see: experiences beat possessions).

The researchers explore six reasons why objects are less satisfying than their experiential counterparts:

1. Objects are easy to compare unfavourably
2. A “maximising” strategy leaves us less satisfied
3. Material purchases more likely to be re-evaluated
4. The new option effect
5. The reduced price effect
6. A cheaper rival

This seems problematic. The research suggests, then, that if we design objects in the context of a larger experience then we’ll lower the risk of disappointment. What is the difference between “object” and “experience” though? That distinction seems very much at the discretion of an individual, not the designer. 

"I heard George Harrison say The Beatles used to go and see Blackpool Lights… what is that?"

The White Stripes often cover this Dolly Parton song live and this captured version is amazing.


The White Stripes-Jolene



James Brown Get It Together (Live at The Apollo, 1968)